School Choice

February 7, 2013 by toddvoge

So it is in the local news this week that Divine Mercy Catholic School and Bethlehem Academy are joining forces to create a new middle school.  DMCS/BA have always been a great alternative to public education.  Add to that Faribault Lutheran School, Cannon Valley Lutheran High School, Discovery School and others, Faribault has a great diversity of alternative education.

With public education really lacking in most areas, these other schools should see an up-tick in enrollment.  The only problem is the tuition costs.  The public school is already funded by all of us through our taxes.  But if people want to send their kids to a private school or a different school, they have to pony up the cash.  This can be a big hardship for families.

This is where school vouchers should come in.  This would allow people to send their kids to whatever school they want, and the state funding for that student would follow. This way, people could make sure the money they pay in to the public school system is actually used for their student.

Too bad the “geniuses” in St. Paul won’t allow this. God forbid we allow parents to have choice.  Unfortunately, with the Minnesota Education Association in charge, nothing will change.

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