Federal Budget BS

February 16, 2013 by toddvoge

The President and Congress continues to kick the budget can down the road.  The President is chronically late with his Constitutionally mandated budget request.  The Senate hasn’t passed a budget resolution basically since Obama was elected president (the first time).

Then Nancy Pelosi shows her continued stupidity by stating that we don’t have a spending problem.  How could anyone be so dumb?  If we don’t have a spending problem, how the heck did we get such a huge debt?  We certainly don’t have a “revenue” problem!

Now we have sequestration coming up.  I have a big feeling that the idiots in Congress will be kicking this one down the road too.  This leaves the military and other departments of the government in the air with what they can and cannot do.  Hell, the Navy has to forego maintenance on a carrier.  They don’t know if they have the money.

I’m really tired of this crap.  We continue to pay and pay in taxes (well, 49% of us do) and all those people in Washington can do is spend $1.60 for every $1 we pay in.  And they wonder why the debt continues to increase.  Geniuses.

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