Sequestration? Really?

February 20, 2013 by toddvoge

So, let’s do some more Federal Government Math.

You have $100 budgeted for maintenance.  Next year, that $100 budget item is expected to rise 20% or go to $120.  BUT, if it only goes up 3%, to $103, in the mind of the government, that is a CUT of 17%!!!  Never mind that the amount still went up from this past year.

This is the hidden truth behind the sequestration nonsense.  Putting in these “automatic cuts” over 10 years, cutting about $1.2 TRILLION dollars (or about $109 Billion each year) is just a drop in the budget bucket.

To put into perspective, the overall federal budget for FY 2013 (started last October 1) is estimated at $3.8 TRILLION!  Cutting $109 BILLION from that is LESS THAN 3% of the TOTAL BUDGET!

Now, you would think that you could find 3% to cut out of your personal budget if you had to and you probably wouldn’t feel much pain.  Do you think that the government could do the same?

Of course not!  IT is the end of the world!  Why, there is NO WAY we can find places to cut 3% of the budget.

This is the entire farce of this budget “crisis”.  It is all manufactured Hysteria!

Don’t listen to the BS coming from Washington.  The world isn’t going to end.  The union isn’t coming apart because we aren’t spending enough.  It’s all a crock of crap.

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