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May 23, 2013 by toddvoge

The legislature has finished their work (if you can call it that) in St. Paul and what did we get?

Well, for starters, we got more taxes and fees.  The legislature, in their INFINITE wisdom, decided to close an $627 million budget hole by adding $2.1 BILLION in new taxes!  The state of MN will now have the 4th highest tax rate in the country.  Not a very auspicious group to be in.

Two of the biggest taxes –

Income tax rate: Top rate goes to 9.85%
Cigarette tax:  Goes up by $1.60 per pack, doubling the tax

We are also dropping $585 million into Rochester for Mayo to expand.  While I am happy for the expansion, it shouldn’t cost the taxpayers 1/2 billion dollars for them to grow.

The state will now pay for all-day kindergarten.  Another cost that should be borne locally if they choose to have this.

We are now going to allow illegal immigrants (they call them undocumented – but let’s get right down to it – they are here illegally – they are NOT undocumented) to go to college and pay in-state tuition rates and can get grants from the state.

They passed a law to allow child-care providers and personal care assistants the ability to unionize. This is unprecedented.  This could end up costing parents a ton of money as the costs of the union will be passed on to them.

MN now becomes the 12th state to redefine marriage.  The state shouldn’t be involved in marriage.  People were told last year that if the Constitutional Amendment were not passed, that same-sex marriage would not be a priority.  But guess what?  Surprisingly enough, THEY LIED!  Of course it became a priority.

The state is going to kick in funds to public pension funds where they are failing.  Again, we get to pay more for public workers and their defined-benefit plans.  Come out in the real world where there are no defined-benefit plans!  This is a crock.

More mandates to health insurance.  Now insurers will be required to cover intensive and expensive therapy for autistic children.  While this is noble, it should NOT be a mandate.  If people want to pay for this, let them.

Overall, they are increasing spending by 8.8% over the last 2-year budget.  This is INSANE!

Minnesota voted to have a completely DFL legislature and governor.  Well, we’re ALL going to pay for that.  It’s going to be interesting to see how the DFL will spin this when the economy goes to hell.

Thank you MN Legislature for taking MORE money from me for your pet projects.

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